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I was trying to remember some other ones not mentioned in the database:
You Can't Do That On Television: At the beginning of every episode there would be a preempted show mentioned that wouldn't be shown in favor of "You Can't", they were usually parodies of other shows and related to the theme of the episode...



Full House:
"Happy Birthday, Babies Part 2," Michelle asks when her birthday party will be. Her father, Danny says "Two Sesame Streets and a Mister Rogers".

The Cleveland Show
Cleveland is called the "Whitest Black Man In America" by a radio station he goes home and grumbles while changing into a sweater and casual shoes like Mister Rogers.

Flintstone Kids
a Captain Caveman segment features a Stone-Age version of Mister Rogers. At the end of the episode when the criminals are recaught and given stricter sentences, where they aren't allowed to watch TV not even "Mr. Rockers"

D.C. Follies
1980s Sid and Marty Kroft show (loosely based on the UK show "Spitting Image") starring Fred Willard and featuring puppets of the current and former Presidents, Celebrities, and other public figures. A puppet character based on Mr. Rogers made several appearances.
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