Author Topic: Clip of a 1969 episode I saw on Youtube  (Read 1076 times)


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Clip of a 1969 episode I saw on Youtube
« on: September 23, 2019, 04:01:03 PM »

I looked up the info for this one on the Mister Rogers Wiki page and it's not available to download anywhere, nor is it on a DVD but the person that uploaded, somehow got a really clear copy of it. Does anyone know where they might have gotten it, and in that crisp almost 60fps quality? I also notice that on the Wiki page, it has screenshots of the production slates, meaning it's from a master tape that had to have been obtained from Family Communications.

It's the episode where Fred does a jigsaw puzzle that he borrowed from Mr. McFeely and then Mr. M has to rush him through it before he can even finish it and Fred got really frustrated. I never knew such an episode existed! It makes Mr. M seem like a real d***.
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Re: Clip of a 1969 episode I saw on Youtube
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That sounds like Episode 1056 from the 1969 season.  For some reason, that was the first color week to stop airing, and it was one of 4 weeks to be omitted from the Plan and Play book.