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The Ultimate DVD
« on: July 30, 2011, 08:01:08 PM »
OK, one idea I've been thinking about for a while is that the Fred Rogers Company should invest some time and money in producing a great DVD documentary on the making of MRN. I think it would be interesting to learn more about the production methods, how Fred came up with all the stories and songs, how he got his ideas for factory visits, etc. It would be interesting to learn more about the cast (their background, how Fred met them, etc).  "America's Favorite Neighbor" is more of a biography of Fred...but I'd be interested to know more the creative inner-workings/behind the scenes of the show.

If such a DVD was produced, what items would you want on it?  What bonus items would you want to see?  What information would be interesting to you?

Thanks for your feedback!

David Mauldin

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Re: The Ultimate DVD
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Re: The Ultimate DVD
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I would like to hear what was the original TV show that Fred had in mind after he finished seminary, because as the story goes the church was suppose to fund the tv program.  The day of graduation is when he found out that the tv plans were canceled due to lack of funding.  The day after graduation he got the call to go to Canada. 

Some other odds and ends....  Were there any shows that were made but got scrapped before broadcast?  Other than the Conflict series.  What subjects were considered but were scrapped?  Information on how the operas were constructed.  Any disagreements on set?