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First post here :)

For the past year or so I have tried to get my hands on all episodes of Sesame Street/MNR/Muppet Show. There are the 3 show that were the foundation of my youth while watching tv. Something special happened while watching Rogers show for the first time in years, it had a calming effect on me I didnt had while watching tv for years and years. I found that it had so many great ideas for parents, fantastic sets of values and much more to offer even for adults.

I grew up in the province of Quebec so english was my second langage. Home was not a happy place and just seing him on the screen without even knowing what he said always made me feel ok, calm and more importantly ; happy. His smile, the routine, the way he talked, the speed he walked, his puppets and the characters all felt good to me and had a tremendous impact of my childhood. Years later, I would still watch him from time to time as a teenager now knowing english and feeling even more the message. Now a father of 2, everything he teach I teach to my kids. I have acquired 100 or so as of today and hope to found more in the future.

Anybody here collects episodes/toyrs/memorabilia of other shows of that era ?