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« on: June 03, 2014, 02:16:04 PM »
I've often wondered. while I'm sure he had an impact on many children, I wonder about the vast majority who watched him throughout the years?

Over the years we've heard so many , including older people" how things are so messed up compared to 50 60 years ago or more, makes me think that those who followed him are a small number.

If so it's ashame.  MRN debuted in 1968 at a time when so much was coming apart and dissatisfaction in the direction the world seem to be headed in and perhaps things are worse.

I'm mainly referring to morality.

Somebody posted on the IMDB boards that they read that when Fred was getting his TV show started, referring to the hippie crowd, perhaps no one told these people that they were special and felt his show could be of help for future generations.

So what's your thoughts on this?


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Re: Impact.
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I've posted about this in the past.  Unfortunately, most people don't follow Fred's teachings, and in particular, managers and teachers do not follow Fred's teachings, and they make it hard for people who do follow Fred's teachings.


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Re: Impact.
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I feel that many people have stopped thinking about Mister Rogers and his messages because I've sometimes had to explain to people who Mister Rogers was, and some people only remember part of him, like "The guy with the sweaters," or "The one with that train thing." I feel that if people will watch the program again, at least one or two episodes, and really listen to what he has to say, maybe it could inspire them. It's very important that children listen to this as well as adults.
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