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Episodes / Re: When did the house first change on the inside?
« Last post by MIKEBENNIDICT on April 08, 2020, 02:16:49 PM »
Also notice how the whole set was not as developed during the 1st 2 or 3 seasons.

Besides no backyard do didn't have a frontyard till Season 2 and no buildings across the street till the following year.

Don't know if it had to do with having a tight budget early on or WQED may have been in a different location.

Episodes / Re: When did the house first change on the inside?
« Last post by KSiteTV on March 21, 2020, 04:48:39 AM »
Wow. Thank you very much! I don't think I had seen that previous thread; if I had, I didn't recall it. I'm always fascinated by the changes -- as a child I even had my mom change the paint color on my walls to match Mister Rogers' changes. Haha.
Episodes / Re: When did the house first change on the inside?
« Last post by mjb1124 on March 17, 2020, 01:23:15 PM »
The short answer is that the change permanently went into effect during the fifth week of episodes (episodes 21-25).

The house layout change started with the episodes taped on 11/8/1967, which were episodes 22 and 23.   However, episodes did not tape in the order they aired, so the first episode that aired with the new layout was actually episode 9 (taped 1/4/68), followed by episode 16 (taped 12/14/67).   But the rest of the episodes before 21 still have the old layout.   Episode 21 itself is a curious case, as it appears to have been reshot after its initial airing - its tape date is a week after that of episode 130, and over 4 months after what was listed as its original airdate.   We'll probably never know why it was reshot, what was changed about it, or if the original version still had the old house layout.

More details here:
Episodes / When did the house first change on the inside?
« Last post by KSiteTV on March 14, 2020, 04:53:14 AM »
Looking at the first week of shows, Mister Rogers' house is laid out much differently; for example, Trolley goes under Picture Picture.

When did that change?

I notice that by the time we got to 0038 (with Queen Sara's first appearance), the house is as we know it is already present.
General Discussion / Mister Rogers Jeopardy! questions
« Last post by mjb1124 on January 08, 2020, 05:26:57 PM »
The Neighborhood Archive has already covered the Celebrating Mister Rogers category from February 2018, but there have also been many individual clues over the years.   This is what I could find from J! Archive.   

Of note, there are two episodes that mention when the show debuted "on PBS".   One gives the date of 1970, which we know is not the show's actual premiere date, but it *is* technically when it would have first aired on PBS as opposed to NET.   Then a later episode gives the correct series premiere date of 1968, but still says it was on PBS.

Those nitpicks aside, I'm quite pleasantly surprised that there was a Donkey Hodie question.   


#885, aired 1988-06-10   |   THEME SONGS $100: "Won't You Be My Neighbor?"   |   Mister Rogers' Neighborhood
#973, aired 1988-11-23   |   FAMOUS FOLKS $200: He left his "Neighborhood" to deliver the '88 commencement at Pennsylvania's Immaculata Coll.   |   Fred/Mister Rogers
#2102, aired 1993-10-26   |   TELEVISION $300: This host's real middle name is McFeely, & there's a Mr. McFeely in this TV "Neighborhood"   |   Fred/Mister Rogers
#3037, aired 1997-11-11   |   CELEBRITY RHYME TIME $800: Mister Rogers' bunks   |   Fred's beds
#3128, aired 1998-03-18   |   M TV $200: In a "SNL" spoof of this kids' show Eddie Murphy said, "Ooo, look, boys & girls, an eviction notice"   |   Mister Rogers' Neighborhood
#3193, aired 1998-06-17   |   TELEVISION PERSONALITIES (Final): He was ordained by Pittsburgh Presbytery in 1962 with a charge to work with children through the media   |   Fred/Mister Rogers
#3279, aired 1998-12-03   |   N THE DICTIONARY $600: Attention, Mister Rogers: Nabe, which is slang for a local movie theater, is short for this   |   Neighborhood
#3285, aired 1998-12-11   |   TV THEME SONGS $400: He "Always wanted to have a neighbor just like you"   |   Fred/Mister Rogers
#3574, aired 2000-03-02   |   ROCK & ROLL $800: Korn howled at this TV figure, "You told me everybody was my neighbor... they took advantage of me"   |   Fred/Mister Rogers
#3821, aired 2001-03-26   |   IN THE "HOOD" $100: At the beginning of this TV show, the host put on a cardigan sweater & tennis shoes   |   Mister Rogers' Neighborhood
#3933, aired 2001-10-10   |   COLONIAL COLLEGES $500: For a while, Fred Rogers' neighborhood was this New Hampshire college, his alma mater   |   Dartmouth
#3997, aired 2002-01-08   |   HONORARY DEGREES $400: It was a beautiful day in his neighborhood when he got a Ph.D. from Middlebury   |   Fred/Mister Rogers
#4003, aired 2002-01-16   |   CELEBRITY RHYME TIME $400: Mr. Rogers' commie neighbors   |   Fred's Reds
#4040, aired 2002-03-08   |   DOWN THE VIDEO TUBE $400: In August 2001, after 33 years, he took off his loafers for his last new show   |   Fred/Mister Rogers
#4123, aired 2002-07-03   |   NOT REALLY MARRIED $400: This kids' host dons sneakers & a cardigan to dance with this female star of "Shall We Dance" & "Swing Time"   |   Fred & Ginger Rogers
#4154, aired 2002-09-26   |   TV THEME SONGS $600: "Won't You Be My Neighbor?" is the theme to this series that began on PBS in 1970   |   Mister Rogers' Neighborhood
#4364, aired 2003-07-17   |   PEOPLE (Final): He said, "I... really never considered myself a TV star. I always thought I was a neighbor who just came in for a visit"   |   Fred/Mister Rogers
#4975, aired 2006-04-07   |   TELEVISION (Final): The television documentary "America's Favorite Neighbor" was a tribute to him   |   Fred/Mister Rogers
#5118, aired 2006-12-06   |   AN URBAN LEGEND SAYS... $1000: ...this "neighborly" PBS host was a marine sniper with 150 kills & wore long sleeves on TV to cover up his many tattoos   |   Fred/Mister Rogers
#5475, aired 2008-05-30   |   3-LETTER ABBREV. $1000: "Mister Rogers' Neighborhood" & "Masterpiece Theater" are found here   |   PBS
#5499, aired 2008-07-03   |   THEMES LIKE OLD TIMES $200: "Please, won't you be my neighbor?"   |   Mister Rogers' Neighborhood
#5552, aired 2008-10-28   |   CRAYOLA: A COLORFUL HISTORY $400: It was a beautiful day in the neighborhood on February 6, 1996, when this man stopped by to help make the 100 billionth Crayola   |   Fred/Mister Rogers
#5634, aired 2009-02-19   |   KIDS DON'T REALIZE $1000: Just try to explain to kids the name of this puppet pal of Mister Rogers is a clever nod to Cervantes   |   Donkey Hodie
#5642, aired 2009-03-03   |   FAB 5 FREDDY $600: The middle name of this public television legend was McFeely   |   Fred/Mister Rogers
#5956, aired 2010-07-05   |   PEOPLE FROM PENNSYLVANIA $2000: A sweater worn by this TV host who had his own "Neighborhood" for kids on PBS is displayed at the Smithsonian   |   Fred/Mister Rogers
#6041, aired 2010-12-13   |   THEY CALL ME MISTER... $800: This minister's show appeared in Canada in a 15-minute format before premiering on PBS in 1968   |   Fred/Mister Rogers
#6443, aired 2012-09-26   |   CLEAN OUT YOUR CLOSET $200: Have too many sweaters? Contact the org. named for this late cardigan-wearing kids' TV host to find a sweater drive   |   Fred/Mister Rogers
#6644, aired 2013-07-04   |   HEY, "MISTER"! $800: In 2012 footage of this PBS legend was auto-tuned to make a music video called "Garden of Your Mind"   |   Fred/Mister Rogers
#6870, aired 2014-06-27   |   THE "OOD" LIFE $200: It was always a beautiful day in Mr. Rogers'   |   Neighborhood
#7074, aired 2015-05-21   |   PUSSYCAT POT-PURREE $400: Henrietta Pussycat, a puppet who lived in a tree in this man's PBS "Neighborhood", loved to wear pretty clothes   |   Fred/Mister Rogers
#7867, aired 2018-11-20   |   SILENT "G" $800: Mister Rogers sang, "Would you be mine? Could you be mine?...Won't you be my" this   |   Neighbor
#8096, aired 2019-11-18   |   BIOPICS $200: In "A Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood", beloved children's TV show host Mister Rogers is played by this beloved actor   |   Tom Hanks
General Discussion / Mister Robinson's Neighborhood 2019 on SNL
« Last post by MysteryNeighbor on December 22, 2019, 08:47:02 PM »
On Saturday December 21, 2019, Eddie Murphy returned as the host of Saturday Night Live and he revived his old Mister Robinson's Neighborhood sketch:

Copy the above link and see what you think...
The movie is discussed on the Dec. 3, 2019 episode of the Kelly Clarkson Show.  Tom Hanks guest starred.  I don't know if that's available anywhere to watch if you didn't already see it.

One interesting thing is that Kelly Clarkson says that she's watched every episode of the series.  I wonder if that was literally true.  She was born April 24, 1982, so the black and white episodes, and a few of the color episodes would have stopped airing before she was born.  And she would have been 19 when the series ended, which is much older than the target age range.

One interesting this is they showed a clip of Fred and Francois Clemmons dipping their feet in the kiddie pool.  That was in Episode 1065 from May 1969, and Episode 1663 from February 1993.  Kelly Clarkson said she remembered that episode.  But 1065 last aired in early 1984, so Kelly would have been 1 year old when it last aired, so it's not likely that she would have remembered it, even if she saw it.  But she would have been 10 years old when 1663 first aired, again, older than the target age range.  I'm guessing that 1663 was the one that she remembers.
As someone who has watched 892 of the 895 episodes of Mister Rogers' Neighborhood (still trying to track down those last 3:),

What are the 3 episodes that you are missing?

literally written articles and complied detailed guides on the characters, sets, and lots of other random details of the show,

Is any of your work available?

So first off, as mentioned above, having literally created comprehensive guides of the details, outfits, colors, shapes of the cloud lights, whether he feeds the fish or not, you name it!

Are those guides available?
I also really enjoyed the movie.  Tom Hanks did an excellent job portraying Mr. Rogers, and it had a very nice story.
Miscellaneous Mister Rogers Topics / Re: A Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood (movie)
« Last post by Trolleyfan on December 12, 2019, 04:27:15 AM »
Very well done summery Paul, I loved this movie...i mean i was smiling from the opening and almost teary eyed...and of course your instinct is to go...look it's Tom Hanks doing a parody of Mister Rogers, but once that subsides and you let yourself take in the story you get swept away...there were only a few things that took me out of the movie, the episode mismatches as Paul had mentioned the real scenes Tom was cut and pasted into (because I do VFX) the King friday puppet (face to big) and the trolley having lights (I can't remember the trolley ever having it's lights lit up....but that could just be because I didn't have HD when i'd watch the show lol) and at the end I was really hoping they wouldn't reference Fred being sick or him passing...i was really anxious about that, because it's not something that was know? although I think the end where he "BONGSSS" the piano might be reference but I don't know (also him whispering to Lloyd's dad) but all in all i really thought it was great, Now I hope they auction off that trolley so i can get it! LOL and those Curtains!!! LOL
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