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Episodes / Re: Dailymotion.
« Last post by MIKEBENNIDICT on October 25, 2019, 04:52:00 PM »
It appears this page lo longer exists.

Same thing with the site.
Episodes / Re: Clip of a 1969 episode I saw on Youtube
« Last post by mitsguy2001 on October 01, 2019, 11:11:19 AM »
That sounds like Episode 1056 from the 1969 season.  For some reason, that was the first color week to stop airing, and it was one of 4 weeks to be omitted from the Plan and Play book.
Episodes / Clip of a 1969 episode I saw on Youtube
« Last post by picturepicture89 on September 23, 2019, 04:01:03 PM »

I looked up the info for this one on the Mister Rogers Wiki page and it's not available to download anywhere, nor is it on a DVD but the person that uploaded, somehow got a really clear copy of it. Does anyone know where they might have gotten it, and in that crisp almost 60fps quality? I also notice that on the Wiki page, it has screenshots of the production slates, meaning it's from a master tape that had to have been obtained from Family Communications.

It's the episode where Fred does a jigsaw puzzle that he borrowed from Mr. McFeely and then Mr. M has to rush him through it before he can even finish it and Fred got really frustrated. I never knew such an episode existed! It makes Mr. M seem like a real d***.
I don't think any episode would.  I mean it's a show to teach children how to cope with the challenges they face in the world.
There's a lot of websites where people talk about how they're afraid of Lady Elaine, and I agree she does look pretty freaky, but I find Dr Bill to be way more unsettling.  He looks like a zombie who got electricuted.  Did anybody else thought the same?
Cast and Characters / Re: Prince Tuesday
« Last post by Jazzman67 on August 12, 2019, 10:32:48 AM »
Interestingly enough, when the king of Sweden dies, his daughter will become the Queen of Sweden.
General Discussion / Clips on YouTube
« Last post by cjsebes on July 31, 2019, 10:13:43 PM »
I'm curious as to why some clips from MRN get blocked and some don't.

I have a channel devoted to my fascination with traffic signals. It's not monetized. I would never expect to make money from this odd-ball hobby. But, of course, I want to share clips of MRN that involve traffic signals. Currently, I have five videos that are viewable and marked with copyright claims, but are still viewable. However, one has a copyright claim and is blocked. If they're blocking one because of a copyright, shouldn't every clip on YouTube be blocked? Are there some clips they don't bother with? I don't know why five of the six clips are still on my channel.

Odd things is, the ones that are still visible are titled with "Mister Rogers" where the one that is blocked has "Mr. Rogers" in the title. I might reload it and change the name just to see what happens.

Any thoughts?
General Discussion / Favorite Piece of MRN Trivia?
« Last post by Tame Tiger_143 on July 22, 2019, 04:06:30 PM »
Hi, neighbors! I'm new to posting here and am taking the bold step of opening with a new topic. Tim has assembled a trove of MRN-related information here with, I hope, more still to come. In celebration of this impressive undertaking that means so much to many of us who grew up with the Neighborhood, I wonder if anyone can point to a favorite piece of trivia or special detail they learned through the Neighborhood Archive?

For me, one that stands out is that, according to the episode guide, the human-sized Lady Elaine in the dream sequence from Episode 1702 ("Helping" week) was portrayed by Matt Meko (aka Purple Panda in the later episodes). I well remember this episode from when I was little (giving away my age, or lack thereof)  and, believe it or not, I always used to wonder who could possibly have played that uncredited silent part. The sight of Lady Elaine dancing through the NOMB with a large vacuum sweeper is difficult to forget.  I'm so pleased that someone else was apparently attentive and curious enough to pursue that detail, and quite appreciative that the performer was able to confirm it via social media.

As of my latest info, Matt Meko now teaches yoga in Hawaii--yet another instance of the interesting and colorful people who gravitated towards Fred Rogers and vice versa.

The other reason I always remember this episode is because it coincided with the appearance of the Jabali Afrika music group at Negri's store. I found their instruments and rhythms fascinating as a child and, as an adult, have enjoyed rediscovering their music (look them up online!) with greater understanding.

Episodes / Re: "Violence in the News" Special
« Last post by Tame Tiger_143 on July 22, 2019, 03:26:15 PM »
Hi, neighbors! I'm new to the forum, though I've "listened in" from time to time. I'd heard of this episode, but its only broadcast was well before my time. I'm curious whether any further information is available/has come to light. since this thread started...?

Tim, given that you have most of the other "Talks to Parents" specials now logged in the episode guide, is there any particular reason you haven't been able to view this one?

It appears to be archived on video at the University of Pittsburgh library, if you it look up on their catalogue or on WorldCat. Interestingly, Michael D. Long summarizes and writes about the special in some detail in his book "Peaceful Neighbor", which I read recently. Based on what he has written, Long must have viewed the episode--probably at Pitt. Still, there are lots of small details I'd be curious to know... for instance, if the anthropomorphic trees were actual characters or puppets, who portrayed/voiced them?

The Pitt catalogue entry lists the only neighbors as Betty Aberlin and Maurice Woods. You can find scattered information on the web about a black American actor from NY named Maurice Woods, who passed away at a young age in 1983 (two years after the MRN special). None of sources, including an NY Times obit from '83, mention MRN, but as it's an obscure special that almost no one remembers, so that's hardly conclusive. Going back to Michael D. Long's summary, he mentions a one-time character named Edward, a black newscaster who helps Lady Elaine report on the tree murder. In fact, Long describes the Edward character carrying the dead tree, just as the OP describes Handyman Negri doing, while none of the sources have any mention of Joe Negri being in this episode.

I don't wish to impeach the OP's memory, but it would be incredibly easy, having seen the special only once as a young child, to forget about a random, one-off character as one's memory tries to fill in the blanks decades later. So my current "theory" is that the late Maurice Woods plays Edward while Joe Negri is likely not included in the special at all, with OP's memory banks quite understandably associating the Edward part with the much more familiar Handyman.

That said, I hope more info about the special becomes available. Ideally, all of these programs should be available for families to view. However, based on the descriptions, part of me is glad the "Violence in the News" special NOMB segments have not leaked online. The intent was parent-child viewing, and it does not sound like something one would necessarily want very young kids to stumble across out of context or without appropriate guidance.
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