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Title: Neighborhood Archive News
Post by: Neighborhood Archive on July 22, 2011, 03:20:34 PM
Glad to see some good discussion happening on here lately. Always interesting to read everyone's opinions...

Just a quick update on the Archive site itself. New updates may be slow for a few days as I'm working on a few housekeeping type updates. I plan to wrap up the Imaginary Friends series of episodes very soon but in the meantime, I've decided to add some "Appearance" links to the books and records that are currently on the site.

For example, just like you find on the episode description pages, I'm going back through the books and records and making note of who appears on those productions as well. You can see an example of what I'm talking about by taking a look at the page for the Costume Party book: (

So this will likely take a few days to complete. Then it's back to the Imaginary Friends episodes and beyond. Just wanted to fill you all in on the reason for the slow-going lately.
Title: Re: Neighborhood Archive News
Post by: Neighborhood Archive on September 28, 2011, 10:54:48 AM
Whew! There is it everybody. Every complete episode that I have on hand is now on the Archive site. I've still got some details to add on some of the episodes I did early on when the site first started, but every complete episode I current have is accounted for. After working at this pretty constantly for several months now, I'm going to take a short break -- but I'll be back with new updates in a week or so.

Until then, there are a few new updates to the site that I thought I'd point out. First, I split the Speedy Delivery song page into two different pages -- one for each version of the song. Secondly, and more noticeably, I've changed the menu on the left side of the page. I'm hopeful that any bugs in the new menu have been worked out and the new set-up will make navigation of the site much easier.

I'll be back with new updates soon...