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Title: Video clips of Mister Rogers talking/interacting with children?
Post by: jack.dispennett on August 06, 2013, 01:10:40 AM
Greetings to everyone, from a newbie to the forum (my first post)

I began viewing MRN when I was about nine or ten years old. Though some adults poked fun at me for watching a "little kids'" show, I was simply mesmerized by Mr. Rogers' simple yet respectful way of communicating with children. Though PBS has all but taken MRN out of syndication, we still veritable library of old MRN episodes available through internet streaming courtesy of Amazon. What a treasure.

Does anyone know of any video footage, outside of MRN, of Mister Rogers talking and interacting with children? The only footage that I know of is a few brief clips from the 1967 documentary "Fred Rogers, Creative Person," accompanied by some personal anecdotes about children from Mister Rogers. I would love to see video (or even listen to audio) of him interacting with children in realtime; it would be especially interesting to see how children responded to his unique and thoughtful style of communication. (There are a few gems from specific MRN episodes in which he interacts with children --I'm thinking of the episodes featuring Chrissy Thompson and a few others). Fred Rogers greatly influenced the way that I myself communicate with children; I've been volunteering with children in preschool/Head Start environments for about five years now, and working toward a degree in Early Childhood studies.

I would appreciate any leads that you all might give me on this.