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Title: Mister Rogers Jeopardy! questions
Post by: mjb1124 on January 08, 2020, 05:26:57 PM
The Neighborhood Archive has already covered the Celebrating Mister Rogers category  ( February 2018, but there have also been many individual clues over the years.   This is what I could find from J! Archive (   

Of note, there are two episodes that mention when the show debuted "on PBS".   One gives the date of 1970, which we know is not the show's actual premiere date, but it *is* technically when it would have first aired on PBS as opposed to NET.   Then a later episode gives the correct series premiere date of 1968, but still says it was on PBS.

Those nitpicks aside, I'm quite pleasantly surprised that there was a Donkey Hodie question.   


#885, aired 1988-06-10   |   THEME SONGS $100: "Won't You Be My Neighbor?"   |   Mister Rogers' Neighborhood
#973, aired 1988-11-23   |   FAMOUS FOLKS $200: He left his "Neighborhood" to deliver the '88 commencement at Pennsylvania's Immaculata Coll.   |   Fred/Mister Rogers
#2102, aired 1993-10-26   |   TELEVISION $300: This host's real middle name is McFeely, & there's a Mr. McFeely in this TV "Neighborhood"   |   Fred/Mister Rogers
#3037, aired 1997-11-11   |   CELEBRITY RHYME TIME $800: Mister Rogers' bunks   |   Fred's beds
#3128, aired 1998-03-18   |   M TV $200: In a "SNL" spoof of this kids' show Eddie Murphy said, "Ooo, look, boys & girls, an eviction notice"   |   Mister Rogers' Neighborhood
#3193, aired 1998-06-17   |   TELEVISION PERSONALITIES (Final): He was ordained by Pittsburgh Presbytery in 1962 with a charge to work with children through the media   |   Fred/Mister Rogers
#3279, aired 1998-12-03   |   N THE DICTIONARY $600: Attention, Mister Rogers: Nabe, which is slang for a local movie theater, is short for this   |   Neighborhood
#3285, aired 1998-12-11   |   TV THEME SONGS $400: He "Always wanted to have a neighbor just like you"   |   Fred/Mister Rogers
#3574, aired 2000-03-02   |   ROCK & ROLL $800: Korn howled at this TV figure, "You told me everybody was my neighbor... they took advantage of me"   |   Fred/Mister Rogers
#3821, aired 2001-03-26   |   IN THE "HOOD" $100: At the beginning of this TV show, the host put on a cardigan sweater & tennis shoes   |   Mister Rogers' Neighborhood
#3933, aired 2001-10-10   |   COLONIAL COLLEGES $500: For a while, Fred Rogers' neighborhood was this New Hampshire college, his alma mater   |   Dartmouth
#3997, aired 2002-01-08   |   HONORARY DEGREES $400: It was a beautiful day in his neighborhood when he got a Ph.D. from Middlebury   |   Fred/Mister Rogers
#4003, aired 2002-01-16   |   CELEBRITY RHYME TIME $400: Mr. Rogers' commie neighbors   |   Fred's Reds
#4040, aired 2002-03-08   |   DOWN THE VIDEO TUBE $400: In August 2001, after 33 years, he took off his loafers for his last new show   |   Fred/Mister Rogers
#4123, aired 2002-07-03   |   NOT REALLY MARRIED $400: This kids' host dons sneakers & a cardigan to dance with this female star of "Shall We Dance" & "Swing Time"   |   Fred & Ginger Rogers
#4154, aired 2002-09-26   |   TV THEME SONGS $600: "Won't You Be My Neighbor?" is the theme to this series that began on PBS in 1970   |   Mister Rogers' Neighborhood
#4364, aired 2003-07-17   |   PEOPLE (Final): He said, "I... really never considered myself a TV star. I always thought I was a neighbor who just came in for a visit"   |   Fred/Mister Rogers
#4975, aired 2006-04-07   |   TELEVISION (Final): The television documentary "America's Favorite Neighbor" was a tribute to him   |   Fred/Mister Rogers
#5118, aired 2006-12-06   |   AN URBAN LEGEND SAYS... $1000: ...this "neighborly" PBS host was a marine sniper with 150 kills & wore long sleeves on TV to cover up his many tattoos   |   Fred/Mister Rogers
#5475, aired 2008-05-30   |   3-LETTER ABBREV. $1000: "Mister Rogers' Neighborhood" & "Masterpiece Theater" are found here   |   PBS
#5499, aired 2008-07-03   |   THEMES LIKE OLD TIMES $200: "Please, won't you be my neighbor?"   |   Mister Rogers' Neighborhood
#5552, aired 2008-10-28   |   CRAYOLA: A COLORFUL HISTORY $400: It was a beautiful day in the neighborhood on February 6, 1996, when this man stopped by to help make the 100 billionth Crayola   |   Fred/Mister Rogers
#5634, aired 2009-02-19   |   KIDS DON'T REALIZE $1000: Just try to explain to kids the name of this puppet pal of Mister Rogers is a clever nod to Cervantes   |   Donkey Hodie
#5642, aired 2009-03-03   |   FAB 5 FREDDY $600: The middle name of this public television legend was McFeely   |   Fred/Mister Rogers
#5956, aired 2010-07-05   |   PEOPLE FROM PENNSYLVANIA $2000: A sweater worn by this TV host who had his own "Neighborhood" for kids on PBS is displayed at the Smithsonian   |   Fred/Mister Rogers
#6041, aired 2010-12-13   |   THEY CALL ME MISTER... $800: This minister's show appeared in Canada in a 15-minute format before premiering on PBS in 1968   |   Fred/Mister Rogers
#6443, aired 2012-09-26   |   CLEAN OUT YOUR CLOSET $200: Have too many sweaters? Contact the org. named for this late cardigan-wearing kids' TV host to find a sweater drive   |   Fred/Mister Rogers
#6644, aired 2013-07-04   |   HEY, "MISTER"! $800: In 2012 footage of this PBS legend was auto-tuned to make a music video called "Garden of Your Mind"   |   Fred/Mister Rogers
#6870, aired 2014-06-27   |   THE "OOD" LIFE $200: It was always a beautiful day in Mr. Rogers'   |   Neighborhood
#7074, aired 2015-05-21   |   PUSSYCAT POT-PURREE $400: Henrietta Pussycat, a puppet who lived in a tree in this man's PBS "Neighborhood", loved to wear pretty clothes   |   Fred/Mister Rogers
#7867, aired 2018-11-20   |   SILENT "G" $800: Mister Rogers sang, "Would you be mine? Could you be mine?...Won't you be my" this   |   Neighbor
#8096, aired 2019-11-18   |   BIOPICS $200: In "A Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood", beloved children's TV show host Mister Rogers is played by this beloved actor   |   Tom Hanks