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Title: I appear as a child in the movie Won't You Be My Neighbor!
Post by: on September 23, 2018, 06:22:23 PM
To my great delight, I appear as a child in Won't You Be My Neighbor? for 3 seconds of video at 53:01. It was 40+ years ago I don't recall the event and neither do my parents. I am a huge Mr. Rogers fan and grew up in Pittsburgh. I cried my way through the movie. I was wondering if anyone on this Forum, or anyone any of you could introduce me to, might be able to provide me the information regarding the source archival footage. I’d like to know the date and location of the event, but even better would be to get a digital copy of even some of it where the audience is shown. I’m just so curious who I was with at this performance as I don’t remember it, of course. Thank you very much!!!