Daniel Gets Mad

Episode 104
Title Daniel Gets Mad
Katerina Gets Mad
Air Date September 5, 2012
Songs It's a Beautiful Day in the Neighbohrood;
Swimming in the Deep Blue Sea;
What Do You Do With the Mad That You Feel
Strategy "When you feel so mad that you want to roar, take a deep breath and count to four."

Daniel Tiger and Prince Wednesday are ready to go to the beach as they pretend they are swimming with the fish in the sea. Unfortunately, when they open the door go outside, it has started to rain.

When Daniel and Prince Wednesday become angry that they cannot go to the beach, Mom Tiger encourages them to take a deep breath and count to four. After doing so, Daniel and Prince Wednesday have calmed down and decide to create an inside beach.

Retreiving a sun made from a paper plate, some sea shells, and a few buckets of dry sand from outside, the boys make a pretend beach on the living room floor. But when they pour the sand on the floor, Mom Tiger is none too happy. She takes a deep breath and counts to four before calmly asking the boys to clean up the mess and come up with a better idea for the inside beach. Daniel, too, counts to four when he is asked to take the sand outside but he and Prince Wednesday quickly come up with a new idea. Using a brown blanket for sand and a blue blanket for water, they create a more reasonable inside beach.

What Do You Do With the Mad That You Feel is sung as various scenes are shown with Daniel and Prince Wednesday dealing with anger in positive ways.


Live Action Segment

The live action segment following this episode includes young children practicing the "count to four" strategy -- each child dressed as a different character from Daniel Tiger's Neighborhood.



Episode Credits

Written by Angela C. Santomero
Executive Producers: Angela C. Santomero, Kevin Morrison, Vince Commisso
Created by Angela C. Santomero
Based on the work of Fred Rogers

2012 The Fred Rogers Company

Appearing In This Episode

Daniel Tiger | Prince Wednesday | Mom Tiger | Miss Elaina

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